INDIA to THAILAND at Rs 10,000 ONLY !!!! Bangkok Budget Travel from India Trip Tips

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43 thoughts on “INDIA to THAILAND at Rs 10,000 ONLY !!!! Bangkok Budget Travel from India Trip Tips

  1. Happy Traveller says:

    Great informative video.
    I would like to know a couple of things related to Visa Processing on arrival in Thailand:
    1. Is travel insurance a mandate for applying for VOA in Thailand?
    2. Do pay slips and income tax return related documents need to be provided as part of document verification?

    Thanks much in advance

  2. Prachi Tripathi says:

    Can you please suggest if using klook online website is a good idea for booking tickets for various attractions in Bangkok. Also did you visit the Mahanakhon skywalk and what are it's ticket prices

  3. Nex App says:

    Please cud u suggest me a plan for 5 days in Bankok /Phuket…a budget plan.

    Looking forward to with my team next month. Also wch months the flight tckts are less ??

  4. Vinod Kumar says:

    आप अपनी वीडियो का बैकग्राउंड म्यूजिक थोड़ा कम रखिए आपकी बात कम समझ में आती है और मैं म्यूजिक ज्यादा तेज है

  5. Vinod Kumar says:

    आज आपका सर पहली बार वीडियो देखा आप एयरप्लेन पर भी डीपी वीडियो बनाइए कि हमें भुगतान कर लेंगे पर वहां जाकर हमें उस पर्सन से क्या बात करनी है या क्या से पेमेंट करना है यह सब हमें पता होना चाहिए कि आगे जाकर को डिस्ट्रीब्यूटर क्रिएट ना हो

  6. Namita Maurya says:

    Hi.. is this possible to cover Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi island in 4 days trip?
    I am landing at Phuket airport and returning back from same airport so what will be the best itinerary including these 3 spots?
    PS: I have morning flight at 5th day so I can not travel for long hrs to reach airport.

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